Leão Branco

To translate an idea, an image is everything




Images translate the soul and the universe.”

Leão Branco is an award-winning creative image production studio. They are designers, artists, and thinkers driven by the pleasure of the challenges and expressions through art.

The aim was to show all the potential of studio’s execution through the stunning images, giving to clients more social interactions and expanding the knowledge about their expertise.

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Client: Leão Branco
Date: 15/10/2013
Services: UX, UI


My approach was to build a grid that made the interface minimal. Essentially, all the elements take only one line of the grid on top and bottom of the screen. It made the image container big and the pictures were cropped with the best framing possible.

Another aim was to provide a smooth navigation filtered by both targets (agencies or clients) without the need for searching.

Also, we use the Facebook comment plugin to embrace the social conversations about the projects, images, tutorials and other blog posts.

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