Raul Queiroz


I’m a full-stack Designer, Art Director, and Illustrator with passages through the main advertising and digital agencies in Rio de Janeiro.

I feel incredibly comfortable in a diverse range of creative projects. I like to explore different techniques, approaches, and design processes and also dive into advanced technology research, IoT, advertising, storytelling, and other tools to engage and provide superior experiences.

At my job for Rede D’Or, I’m responsible for:

  • Operational management, service, and strategic management, creative and scale management of Design Team;
  • Product design management of all Rede D’Or company’s websites (RDSL, Star, Maternidade D’Or and Oncologia D’Or) and its services platform that brings together the appointment schedule, history, and medical results for patients and doctors;
  • Operational management and team shaping of UX Research team and their practices, usability tests, and discovery rounds for the constant evolution of all products of Innovation and Digital Transformation Chapter;
  • Development, maintenance, scale, and evangelization of all user-centered design guidelines and policies, including DesignOps and Design System Ops, in addition to management and formation of the CoE Design.

Design & Craft

Graphic Design
Logo Design
Concept Development
Art Direction


Visual Design
Brand Persona
Brand Strategy
Brand Guidelines
Process & Exploration


Visual Design
User Interface
User Experience
Information Architecture
Marketing Strategy


Opportunity Analysis
Competitive Analysis
Service Blueprint
User Journey
Branding Discovery

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